Core Values

A Source is an international non-profit global giving organization supporting several NGOs worldwide by identifying and sourcing used and unused items to help others in need. We are a Go Green organization helping other companies reduce carbon emission by recycling items that would be thrown in landfills and putting them to good.

Our partners make all the difference in the world. A Source offers a full range of services that include logistics, inspection, sorting, risk management and evaluates the legitimacy of our partners contributions. For more information, please email us at

Our Mission

A Source mission is to bridge the gap and support international NGOs source disposable resources that would generally be tossed into US landfills We are very avid on reducing US waste while bringing value to disposable items and putting them to good use and supporting those in need.

Our Vision

Helping others - One day at a time.

Guiding Principles

  • Support our international partners that make a world of difference - One day at a time
  • Bridging the gap - One day at a time
  • Promote U.S. support for global giving and reducing global waste - One day at a time
  • Building a better place - One day at a time